Special Interaction Session for the students of BBA III

Two special Interaction sessions were organized on 7th March then on 18th April in continuation for the students of BBA III in their second lecture of Business Policy and Strategy Management to discuss the avenues of growth in career by Prof Pahlad Aggarwal (Former and Founder Principal GCCBA 50, and also Deputy Director Higher Education, Chandigarh) (Retd).

The theme of the session was “Insight” to help them understand that once they develop their real insight of seeing things through; they will be able to make right decisions for themselves in life and will be able to face the challenges of life with more confidence and acceptance. In continuation of the same, the second and concluding interaction session was organized for the outgoing class on 18th April 2017, to review the feedback of the first session as well as to help them realize their inner peaks. The theme of the session was “Way to their inner peaks” which started off with the video display of their journey of three years in the college and later he shared with students to realize their inner potential and focus on it to help them attain their life goals. Later students were given feedback forms at the end of each session. They shared and welcomed the concept of such interaction sessions and felt the need that this should be introduced as regular feature as this has helped them to set the right attitude for the issues that concern them.


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