SESSION 2014-15

PANJAB UNIVERSITY ZONAL YOUTH FESTIVAL ACHIEVEMENTS 2014: 17th & 18th Oct 2014 at SGGS College Sec 26, Chd 1. Gagandeep Singh BCOM II 77/13 First Elocution
2. Priyanka M.Com I 3019/14 Third Short Story Writing


ACHIEVEMENTS IN INTER ZONAL YOUTH FEST 2014-15: 30th Oct 2014 at DAV College Sector 10 Chandigarh Gagandeep Singh of B COM II got third prize in Inter- Zonal Youth Festival 2014-15 on 30th Oct 2014 held at DAV College Sec 10. The topic of Elocution was National Integration wherein about 8 teams from various zones participated.
INTER STATE LEVEL DECLAMATION COMPETITION ORGANISED BY SRI SATHYA SAI AT YAMUNANAGAR : 6TH NOV 2014 An Inter- State round of the declamation competition was held on 6th Oct 2014 in Yamunanagar. A total of 15 contestants participated from various colleges of Punjab and Haryana and spoke on the given topics. Gagandeep Singh of B.Com II who spoke on ‘Value based life is the need of the time’ won the third prize at Inter State Level.
INTER-COLLEGE DEBATE COMPETITION- 15TH NOV ,2014 AT MCM DAV COLLEGE SEC 36 CHD A debate competition was organized by the history department of MCM DAV on 15 nov 2014. A total of 7 teams participated and debated on the topic ‘British Rule-a boon or a bane for the Indian Economy’.Gagandeep Singh of B.Com II won the first prize and he along with his team mate Prachi Dadwal of BBA I won the award for the Best Team.
GROUP DISCUSSION CONTEST AT FEST O’ COMM- GGDSD College 29th Nov 2014 A group discussion contest was organised as a part of the activities at the Fest o’ Comm fest at GGDSD College sec 32 on 29 Nov 2014. The topics for the discussion were ‘Woman’s character is defined by her clothes’ and ‘Corruption is the price- we pay for democracy’.
Gagandeep Singh of B.Com II won the second prize among a total of 12 participants.

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