PU Youth Fest Participation (20th -23rd September 2017)

GCCBA held its First Panjab University 59th Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival Chandigarh in its own Building 20th -23rd September 2017.

Our students won various prizes in Zonal and further in Inter Zonal category.

Pratyaksha of B.Com II Sem won FIRST PRIZE in Essay Writing Competition and

Priyanshu Gautam of B.Com IV Sem won FIRST PRIZE in Short Story Writing Competition.

They both further represented college at Inter Zonal level in the same category .


Trial Event for Creative Writing Competition and Public Speaking Competition (31st August & 1st September 2017)

Trial Event was organized in the college on 31st August & 1st September 2017 wherein a total of near about 68 students participated in various literary items such as Essay writing, story writing and poetry writing competition, public speaking Competition and quiz. A total of near about 34 students participated in the creative writing competition. Near about 34 students participated in written Quiz. And 19 students participated in Public Speaking Competition for debate/ Poem Recitation and Elocution. The following were the Topics given for Essay writing/Poem writing/Short Story writing/Elocution and Debate:

Essay writing:



·         Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.

·         Redefining Spirituality for the Youth of Today.

·         Vision of Youth for the politics in India.

Short Story writing/ 

Poem Writing

·         Responsibility

·         A Journey to remember

·         Glass Ceiling



·         Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?

·         War should never be the option to bring peace.

·         GST

·         Reality Shows

·         Feminism.

·         Are we living in healthy India?

·         Steve Job’s genius is the top reason of Apple’s success

·         Demonetization

The Topic for debate given was :Politics in India is about money and muscle and not ideas and debates. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Based on these trial Events students were selected to further participate in PU Zonal Youth Festival.

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Soft copy of the Newsletter provided in the link given below:


The team of nine students came out during the process of execution of news-letter wherein Students themselves were engaged as a team to co-ordinate the activities of newsletter “GrapeVine” Several meetings were held on regular basis to discuss the theme, design, concept and execution of the newsletter. The main motto of this activity was to engage students on an independent venture to help them find their forte and work towards it as a team. The whole process has been indeed a learning experience for students. It helped them to understand the role of working together as a team and explore their creative talent. This year the society  released the newsletter on 27th April 2017 on the occasion of its 7th Convocation and 10th Annual Prize Distribution Function.

List of the students Editor team is given below and the positions held by them:

S.No Name Class Positions Held
1 Gurpreet Bhatti BBA II Editor in Chief
2 Manisha Mittal B.COM I Managing Editor
3 Harshita Punyani B.COM I Managing Editor
4 Aastha Walia BBA III Senior Editor
5 Sukrit Koul BBA II Senior Editor
6 Himani Sharma BBA II Editor
7 Kajal Pandey BBA II Poetry Editor
8 Ranju BBA II Art Editor
9 Dhruv Manchanda B.COM III Photography Editor

Special Interaction Session for the students of BBA III

Two special Interaction sessions were organized on 7th March then on 18th April in continuation for the students of BBA III in their second lecture of Business Policy and Strategy Management to discuss the avenues of growth in career by Prof Pahlad Aggarwal (Former and Founder Principal GCCBA 50, and also Deputy Director Higher Education, Chandigarh) (Retd).

The theme of the session was “Insight” to help them understand that once they develop their real insight of seeing things through; they will be able to make right decisions for themselves in life and will be able to face the challenges of life with more confidence and acceptance. In continuation of the same, the second and concluding interaction session was organized for the outgoing class on 18th April 2017, to review the feedback of the first session as well as to help them realize their inner peaks. The theme of the session was “Way to their inner peaks” which started off with the video display of their journey of three years in the college and later he shared with students to realize their inner potential and focus on it to help them attain their life goals. Later students were given feedback forms at the end of each session. They shared and welcomed the concept of such interaction sessions and felt the need that this should be introduced as regular feature as this has helped them to set the right attitude for the issues that concern them.

INTER-College Gurmat and Poetry Recitation Competition at SGGS College Sector 26, Chandigarh on January 30th 2017


Four of our students participated in INTER-College Gurmat and Poetry Recitation Competition held at SGGS College Sector 26, Chandigarh on January 30th 2017. Simran Rattan of BBA I bagged fourth position in Poem recitation based on life of Guru Gobind Singh and won cash prize of Rs 250/- and received trophy and certificate for the same.

S.No Name Class Participation Position
1. Simran Rattan BBA I Poetry Recitation Fourth Position
2. Kajal Panday BBA II Poetry Recitation
3. Manisha Mittal B.Com I Gurmat Writing Workshop
4. Robindeep Singh B.Com I Poetry Recitation


INTER-College Declamation and Poetry Recitation Competition at SGGS College Sector 26, Chandigarh on January 25, 2017

Two of our students participated in INTER-College Declamation and Poetry Recitation Competition at SGGS College Sector 26, Chandigarh held on January 25, 2017. Where Nitin Sharma of B.Com III recited his self-composed poem based on topic Feminism and won third prize for the same.

S.No Name Class Participation Position
1 Nitin Kumar Sharma B.Com III Poetry Recitation Third
2 Manisha Mittal B.Com I Declamation


Literary Society (Word Visharad) organized 52nd A D Shroff Memorial Elocution Competition on 7th November2016 in collaboration with Forum of Free Enterprise, Mumbai wherein ten students participated from BCom, BBA and M.Com. All students deliberated their views on various topics based on economic issues. The competition is conducted since 1955 in the memory of Late A. D Shroff with the object of encouraging students to think and speak on economic and other subjects besides enabling them to display their oratory skills. Three judges were appointed by the college Mr Yogesh Kumar (Assistant Professor, HOD Economics), Mrs Vandana Jain  (Assistant Professor, Commerce) and Mr Sanjeev Sharma (Assistant Professor, Commerce who took keen effort and interest in selecting the best speakers based on the criteria given. Following were selected as the best five speakers.

S.No Name Class Position
1. Nitin Kumar Sharma B.Com III First
2. Manisha Mittal B.Com I Second
3. Divya Verma B.Com II Third
4. Sahi Aggarwal M.Com II Consolation
5. Tushar Kumar B.Com I Consolation

Principal congratulated the winners and participants and shared her observations on how to develop public speaking skills and how to improve the understanding of writing content based on economic topics. The judges also shared the areas that students need to work on in future related to the elocution competition. Overall the function turned out well and all the participants enjoyed the whole process and their deliberation on such important issues.